About AML Travel Designs

Our beliefs:
We believe traveling makes you happier, feel more alive, relieves stress and is essential for work/life balance. 

We believe traveling (whether it be domestic or international) is necessary for families and couples because you can always make more money...but you can't make more time.

Personal reason:
After meeting my husband and having our son, my husband and I decided we wanted to make travel a priority. We wanted to give our son the world, what better way to do that than to show it to him.

Our focus is on building relationships with our clients, so we can perfectly match you with the right experiences. It all starts with our initial consultation where we discuss what you are looking for and how my services work to make sure we will be a great fit. For a more in depth look at what is included in an itinerary build please check out the services tab.

where are we off to next...

turks & caicos - solo traveling mama

celebrity summit cruise - mom & dad need a break

more details to come as we get closer...

what are we working on...

Have you been looking for expert advice, recommendations (products, services, locations, and more), for making traveling with our littles not seem like such a daunting task? Do you go from one website or social media platform to another looking for this info? Well, a one-stop shop with all of our most excellent nuggets is on the way - stay tuned!

Hi, Tamika Korn here!

I am glad you are interested in learning more about who I am. I want to take a different approach to you getting to know me... Let’s do this interview style. 

Who inspires you?

My husband and son (Chris Jr and Chris III) are my daily inspiration, motivation, and reminders of why I left the corporate world and started AML Travel Designs. My husband has been so supportive, loving and on some days my muse throughout my journey to building AML Travel Designs into what it is today.

My youngest brother - I admire and adore the way his mind works and his work ethic. He deserves the many blessings and accomplishments he has achieved thus far. (With that said...I have three brothers, I love you all, and you all inspire me in different ways)

If you could be any animal which would it be?

A dolphin because they are intelligent and beautiful creatures who enjoy being around others…99% of the time they are fun loving and happy, the other 1% they need to be left alone and have time for whatever dolphins do (I asked this question to my family and friends before haha)

What are you passionate about?

On a personal level: Creating a life for my husband and son that allows us to experience new cultures, food, and people. A balanced life that we do not need a vacation from, but one where we take vacations couple times a year to enhance our connection to each other and learn new things about ourselves and one another.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

In Negril, Jamaica I jumped in the ocean with a life vest around my waist because my brothers, husband, and dad were snorkeling and I wanted to experience jumping in the ocean, and I knew someone would save me haha (I did not know how to swim at the time…worth it for the experience)

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